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Personal Trainer coaching a movement screen for an evaluation session.

Getting Started

Embark on your fitness journey with our exclusive Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation Session. This personalized assessment is designed to lay the foundation for your success, ensuring that every step of your fitness program aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. With the data gathered from the assessments, we'll establish a clear baseline, allowing us to track your progress over time. This baseline will serve as the starting point for your initial fitness program, which will be crafted to help you reach your goals efficiently and safely.

Evaluation Session Process

  • First, one of our expert personal trainers will sit down with you to discuss your fitness goals, whether they're centered around weight loss, muscle gain, improved athletic performance, or simply enhancing your overall well-being. This dialogue is essential in creating a program that's not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Following the initial dialogue, we will move into our comprehensive body composition process. Using the InBody Scale, one of the most accurate and tested machines, we will get a clear view of your current bodyweight, body fat %, Lean mass, and more. We will end this process by taking body circumference measurements.

  • Take your initial set of pictures to track aesthetic and postural progress.​

  • Moving onto the gym floor, we will begin a thorough Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify any movement patterns that may be affecting your performance or predisposing you to potential injuries. This invaluable tool allows us to pinpoint specific areas for improvement and develop targeted strategies to enhance your overall movement quality.

  • Following the FMS, you'll undergo a brief conditioning screen that provides insight into your current cardiovascular and muscular endurance levels. This enables us to tailor your program to address any areas of weakness and build upon your existing strengths.

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